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BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Greenberg to step down as Rangers CEO?


According to an article over at the greatness of BBTiA, Texas Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg will resign as soon as tomorrow. The reason given at the moment is to “pursue other interests.” Let’s note that this is not official yet, and if we are lucky this is all nothing but speculation.

That said, if it’s true this presents a problem. This guy was basically the face of the team, he was the one you saw in the media and was the guy you associated with the ownership group. So if he’s gone, who steps into the chair? Nolan Ryan? I mean this is a PR nightmare, the guy who is the new face of your franchise that people credit with taking over for the closest thing to baseball Satan now is basically saying “adios mofo.” It’s bad to speculate without more facts, however at this point that’s what we have to do. Right now, this is not a good situation at all. Coming off easily the greatest season in Texas Rangers history, this is a big blow to Rangers repeating chances. I will continue to update this post with analysis and opinion when news comes in.

UPDATE (1:21 AM): ESPN has published a story, and within we find this “The paper said the source didn’t give a reason for the move, but the report adds that how Greenberg operates may have caused disagreements within the organization and possibly with club president Nolan Ryan and Major League Baseball.” That makes no sense, Major League Baseball wanted Greenberg to own the team and did their best to give him the club. Nolan only wanted to negotiate with Chuck, and refused to be apart of any other group. This clears up nothing, instead makes things more murky. Tomorrow is a big sports day, and if you’re a fan of Texas Rangers baseball you might want to wear a cup.

UPDATE(1:41 AM): Evan Grant, he of the Dallas Morning News, tweets this : “Evan_P_Grant Evan Grant

Source confirms Chuck Greenberg out of management with Rangers. Announcement coming soon, maybe later today.” Well there you have it folks, we were pretty sure before hand but if Evan Grant has it you can bet your bottom dollar that it is correct. With it confirmed, let’s talk a little about what this could be. This could be Davies and Simpson holding the cash, maybe they wanted something or didn’t want something, and they said “Well guess what pal?” Maybe Nolan and Chuck had a falling out, maybe Chuck woke up this morning and said “Hey I’m going to quit the Rangers.” This is very easily the biggest, most confusing story the Rangers have had to deal with in a long time. The face of the franchise on the ownership side is leaving. If you’re a fan of this team, and you’re not either confused, angry, or very worried right now I’ve got to wonder where your head is at.
Think about this for a minute guys and gals: Greenberg and Co. was supposed to be the rock that we could finally say represented ownership stability. He was supposed to ride up on his white horse and rescue us from the evil clutches of Tom Hicks. Well he did, and now he’s leaving. He’s getting back on the horse and riding out of town. Right now, I’m very disappointed. I want answers, as I’m sure all media members and fans do. We have to wonder what the players think about this, you have to figure they all know by now. But if they don’t, I mean this is just earth shattering. I’m not happy at all, because I think along with myself a lot of the Ranger faithful put a ton of faith into this guy and now he’s apparently tossing it away. There’s only one word to register how I feel: disappointment.