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SP7: An unforgettable night


(Writer’s Note: I apologize to the reading public. Life has been busy for me lately, and it’s prevented me from writing or even having the motivation to do as such. I hope to get on a little bit of a kick from now on. Again, I apologize.)

Last night as a fan, I felt pretty strong when the game was over. Derek Holland had just completed a complete game, one of his best performances ever in a Rangers uniform. I had already exchanged the customary “HWC” text message with a good friend of mine. Then I got the message from another friend of mine, my soon to be roommate, who was covering the game that night.

“The fan who fell died.”

In five words on an electronic message, the night turned from one of celebration to one of somber. What was expected to be a night of being excited and energized by the performance on the field became a night where we as a community of fans mourned the loss of one of our own.

For those who are not already familiar with the story, if in fact there is anybody who isn’t: during the second inning of last night’s game Josh Hamilton tossed a foul ball into the stands. A man, Lt. Shannon Stone, reached to get the ball for his young son. In his efforts, the man fell over the rail and behind the out of town scoreboard. He was pronounced dead of blunt force trauma at 8:26 PM, and his passing was not announced until after the game was over.

I normally try to write from the perspective of an unbiased, educated observer on this site but forgive me because I feel the need to write like a fan here. As a young boy, I can remember watching and going to baseball games with my dad. Sports in general but baseball specifically helped bring my dad and I together. I know that if this was me as a six year old boy, and Josh had tossed the ball up to us in that position my dad would have done the same thing. I think any of our dads would have, because we as young kids have this fascination with getting a major league foul ball. It’s special, a memento that we can hold onto and cherish. That’s what Mr. Stone wanted to do for his son Cooper, provide him with a memory that he would cherish. Just like any dad would.

There is a time for talking about safety, and if the rail is too short or what have you(the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has published an article on their website that the rails exceed code). But right now, it’s more about the family and community of Brownwood. A family and community who lost a father, a son, an eighteen year fireman, a provider, and without a doubt multiple other labels. They need our support, our thoughts, our prayers, and any help we can give them to help them through this time. At the end of this post I will post two different links. One will be a fund set up by the city of Brownwood, the other by the Texas Rangers. Whichever one you choose to wish, if you do at all, it does not matter. Right now, this family needs our help. Let’s do what we can to help them through this time of need, because this family is just like us. We are all Rangers fan, a community of people with a common goal. One of our own has fallen, let’s do the best we can for him and his family.

City of Brownwood:

Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation: